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Cleaning of laser safety glasses

17.05.2022 - Website, Laser protection, News, Blog

"Do you offer a cleaning station for your laser safety glasses? No? How do you say? I can just add them to my dishes in the dishwasher?"

This or something similar is how one or the other customer phone call to us sounds. But what is it all about? Why are we missing out on this side business?

Well, of course we were once faced with the question of what to do when one of our laser safety glasses got dirty. In practice, laser safety eyewear naturally often comes into contact with sweat, skin particles and, especially in industrial environments, dust, dirt and grease. In the medical field, on the other hand, important hygiene standards must be maintained. So a cleaning facility is urgently needed!

But one of our principles is "Simple wins!" and so we asked ourselves what is the most efficient way to remove any dirt from the laser safety goggles. We gave free rein to our creativity and came up with the idea. If we are convinced of the quality of our laser safety goggles, why don't we try it with a standard dishwasher?

Well, you know the rest of the story. All our frame models and also the various filter combinations were allowed to go through this process. And if you call us today and would like to know how to get your Offenhaeuser + Berger laser safety glasses clean, we will give you this recommendation. This is what we stand for with our quality!

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