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Cleaning of laser safety glasses

17.05.2022 - Website, Laser protection, News, Blog

"Do you offer a cleaning station for your laser safety glasses? No? How do you say? I can just add them to my dishes in the...

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Laser protective glasses as medical devices

27.04.2022 - Website, Laser protection, News, Blog

Laser protective glasses are used in many ways. For all work involving laser radiation above class 2...

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Type examination of laser protection windows

25.01.2022 - Website, Laser protection, News, Blog

If you need type-tested laser protection windows, there are three possibilities.

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From the idea of laser safety glasses to the finished product

23.12.2021 - Website, Laser protection, News, Blog, Laser application, Heat influence zones

Anyone who knows a little about the prices of occupational safety products, especially occupational protection glasses, is always amazed at what laser protection glasses cost.

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Thoughts on the danger posed by laser pointers

17.12.2021 - Laser protection, Laser application, Blog, News, Website

For several years now, a spectre has been circulating in the press: the danger to eyesight posed by laser pointers.

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What does the color of a laser protection filter say about its protective effect?

03.12.2021 - Laser protection, Laser application, Blog, News, Website

When selecting laser protection eyewear and laser protection windows, we are often asked by our customers about...

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About certification

26.11.2021 - Laser protection, Blog, News, Website

In the field of laser protection, there is always talk of "certified". What is behind this?

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Fascination Electromagnetic Spectrum

19.11.2021 - Laser protection, Blog, News, Website

Some people don't have much of an idea of what the term means - and yet we come into contact with it every day.

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Did you already know that about us?

16.09.2021 - Website, Laser protection, News

Our story actually began in the 1970s at Zeiss Aalen, now Zeiss Vision.

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Brightness of laser protection filters

26.08.2021 - Blog, Laser protection, News

The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from extremely short-wave cosmic radiation to X-rays and UV to extremely long-wave...

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Yay! We have a blog!

10.06.2021 - News, Laser protection, Website

Yay! We have a blog! But wait! What do you actually do in such a blog and what will be given into it?

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