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Which Laser Safety Product do you need?

Different applications may require different safety approaches. Since many years we design laser safety glasses, laser adjustment glasses, laser safety windows and laser exit windows – To your safety!

Laser safety – Offenhäuser und Berger
Laser safety – Offenhäuser und Berger
Laser safety – Offenhäuser und Berger
Laser safety – Offenhäuser und Berger

Laser safety

in medical, industrial and scientific applications

Laser safety eyewear and adjustment

  • For all common types of lasers
  • Different frame types, side-type for emmetropic users and goggle-type
    for users of correction spectacles
  • Special filters for protection against several wavelengths by one spectacle

Cabin safety windows

  • For laser print and material processing systems
  • High laser protective levels and good light transmittance
  • different standard sizes, special sizes on demand

Laser exit windows

  • Plastic windows to protect high quality laser optics of Nd:YAG welding lasers
  • Mineral windows with antireflective coating on both sides for increased
    power density
  • Plastic windows without coating and one-side coating with increased operation time compared to mineral windows at low power density
  • can be also optimised for diode lasers

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