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About certification

26.11.2021 - Laser protection, Blog, News, Website

In the field of laser protection, there is always talk of "certified". What is behind this?

All products that are worn on the body, i.e. also laser protection glasses, belong to the Personal Protective Equipment (abbreviated PPE) and are subject to the European Regulation 2016/425, which requires that such products must be assessed by a Notified Body (certifier) as to whether they meet the essential requirements of the Regulation before they are introduced into the free movement of goods in the EU. If a harmonised standard (valid throughout the EU) exists, this must be done by testing according to this standard. In the present case, these are standard EN 207 for laser protection glasses and standard EN 208 for laser adjustment glasses.

What is not covered by the PPE Regulation (e.g. laser protection windows installed in laser equipment) can also be tested according to these two standards. However, this is not a prerequisite for import into the free movement of goods in the EU, but can be a prerequisite for the CE mark of the entire laser system.

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