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Brightness of laser protection filters

26.08.2021 - Blog, Laser protection, News

The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from extremely short-wave cosmic radiation to X-rays and UV to extremely long-wave radiation. Only a small range from approximately 400 nm to about 800 nm is visible to the human eye and is called light. If we plot the power density of daylight coming from the sun against the wavelength, we find that it is not constant. Likewise, the human eye is not equally sensitive to all wavelengths of light. Even a laser protection filter built into the laser protection glasses has an attenuation that depends on the wavelength.

If the spectral power density of daylight is weighted over the spectral sensitivity, the light transmission factor is 100%. If one wears laser protection glasses - i.e. if there is a laser protection filter between the eye and the daylight, the spectral attenuation of the filter must be taken into account as an additional weighting, and the light transmission factor falls below 100%. In the extreme case, all light is blocked, the light transmittance drops to 0% and the filter appears black.

Thus, the more light wavelength ranges have to be attenuated in favour of laser protection, the darker the laser protection filter appears. Therefore, it can sometimes make sense to use two different pairs of laser protection glasses in order to be able to cover several wavelength ranges. Although it is often possible in principle and sometimes also advantageous or even necessary to combine different laser protection filters in one pair of laser protection glasses, it does not serve the cause if you then can no longer see anything.

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