Side-type spectacle

Side-type spectacles are as comfortable to wear as normal correction spectacles and show less fogging.

Regular requirements

BM low

Type BMlow from high quality plastic for average protection levels, rugged and light design, large view field due to increased disc angle

Increased requirements

BM light

Type BMlight overall metal design with high quality coating for increased protection levels, comfortable, safe, elegant, but not to heavy, fits even under pilot helmets

Goggle-type spectacle

Goggle-type spectacles show basically the same protection as side-type spectacles, but can be worn over corrective glasses.

Regular requirements

KB low

Type KBlow from polyamide for average protection levels, reduced weight due to integral design, increased view filed
due to large filter disks

Increased requirements


Type KB AL for highest protection levels made of shells from AlSi pressure casting, extraordinary view field due to large filter discs, with face cover from skin friendly elastic plastic (free of natural and synthetic latex)


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